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A security lock and shieldThe Latest Cybersecurity Tips from CISA

September 28, 2023
published in Security

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a time to ensure the security of your smart devices, online accounts, and digital information. The federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) encourages every American to implement four simple steps to stay safe online.

  1. Use strong passwords and a password manager.

    Your passwords should be long, unique, and hard to guess. To make your passwords easier to manage, consider using a password manager that can generate and store unique passwords.
  2. Turn on multi-factor authentication (MFA).

    MFA adds a strong shield to your online accounts and reduces the risk of bad actors gaining access.

    Tri Counties Bank’s Mobile and Online Banking system automatically sends you a secure access code when it detects new device access or suspicious login activity.
  3. Update software.

    Update your devices with the latest security patches and software. Enable automatic updates and schedule routine scans.
  4. Think before you click.

    Use the SLAM method to spot suspicious emails:
  • Sender: Check the sender’s email address.
  • Links: Hover over links to inspect them before clicking.
  • Attachments: Don’t open attachments from unknown sources.
  • Message: Scrutinize content for red flags like bad grammar or misspellings.

Banking Cybersecurity Recommendations

In addition to adhering to the cybersecurity guidelines provided by CISA, we encourage you to follow these banking cybersecurity recommendations:

  • Avoid accessing Tri Counties Mobile or Online Banking while using public Wi-Fi or shared computers, as they may lack updated security measures.
  • Log out to prevent unauthorized access, especially if using a device others can access.
  • Follow safe online payment and shopping practices: Do your research before you provide any sensitive information, including verifying the seller’s credibility, checking for “https” and the padlock symbol, and using a secure internet connection. For secure online bill payments, utilize Bill Pay within Tri Counties Mobile and Online Banking.


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