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Your success is a journey

Get there with a Tri Counties Bank Visa ® Business Debit Card

Count on these business benefits every step of the way:

Simplify the way you pay
- Use your debit card to cover supplies, vendor payments, pay invoices, even replenish inventory. Writing fewer checks each month means you can get back to business fast. 

Visa Checkout
- Pay online the faster and more secure way with Visa Checkout and your Tri Counties Bank Visa debit or credit card. It's simple to use wherever you see the Visa Checkout logo. 

Learn more about Visa Checkout

Money Pass Surcharge-Free ATM Access  

We’ve partnered with the MoneyPass ATM network to give our customers access to over 25,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. Use the mobile app or online search tool to find the MoneyPass ATM nearest to you.

Learn more about MoneyPass

Protected and Secure
With Zero Liability Card Protection, you have peace of mind knowing you're not responsible for unauthorized purchases if your card (or its number) is lost or stolen. (Promptly call us when any of these occur.)

Zero Liability Card Protection is included at no additional cost. Tri Counties Bank's 24/7 monitoring helps prevent unauthorized transactions by regularly reviewing them for unusual activity. And, you get real-time access to all transactions and balances, and periodic monthly statements with all transactions.

Merchant Discounts - Visa SavingsEdge offers discounts on purchases with no coupons or discount codes required. Enroll your Tri Counties Bank business debit card, then begin saving up to 15% automatically with top merchants in a range of categories from office supplies to hotels and more. You can put those savings back into your business - or reward yourself.

Accepted Worldwide - Use your debit card everywhere Visa is accepted. You can use your card to get cash or make a purchase at thousands of ATMs and millions of merchants nationwide and around the world. Just look for the Visa symbol.

Traveling outside the area?

If you are traveling internationally or outside of California and plan to use your debit card , give us a call at 1-800-637-3267 to avoid potential declines when using your card.

Focus on your journey

Use your Tri Counties Bank debit card for all your business purchases.

Don't have a Tri Counties Bank debit card?

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Verified by Visa ®

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Shop online safely at participating online merchants. Protect your Tri Counties Bank Check Card by creating a personal password that's as unique as you are. Verified by Visa helps ensure that only you can use your Visa card to buy online. Register today! It takes just a few minutes to activate.

Consult the Business Fee Schedule for current service fees and the Business Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosures for terms and conditions.

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.   

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