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Business Certificates of Deposit

Saving business funds is easy with a Tri Counties Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD). CDs allow you to earn a guaranteed return, even during times of uncertainty. Tri Counties Bank CDs are federally insured by the FDIC up to the maximum allowable limit.

When you purchase a CD, you invest a fixed sum of money for a fixed period of time – from one month to five years –and Tri Counties Bank pays you interest at stated intervals.

When you cash in or redeem your CD, you receive the money you originally invested plus any accrued interest. If you redeem your CD before it matures, you may have to pay an early withdrawal penalty or forfeit a portion of the interest you earned. If you do not redeem your CD when it matures, we reinvest the CD for you for a similar term.

Account Features

  • There is no Monthly Maintenance Fee (Service Charge).
  • $1,000 Minimum Opening Deposit; $250 Minimum Opening Deposit for a Bond Guarantee CD
  • Terms are available from one month to five years.
  • Interest is fixed during the term of the certificate, but varies depending on the term and dollar amount of the CD.
  • Interest compounds daily and is paid monthly, quarterly, annually or at maturity, depending on the term.
  • Interest earned can be reinvested or automatically deposited to an assigned savings or checking account.
  • CDs automatically renew for the same period if not withdrawn. *
  • A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.
  • Available to all businesses.

Click below to review our current fee schedule and account agreement and disclosures:

* This does not apply to Public Funds CDs as they are single maturity and do not auto renew.

For current interest rates, call us at 1-800-982-2660. To open a Business Certificate of Deposit, please visit any Tri Counties Bank branch.

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