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Trico Essential Checking

Account Details

$25 Minimum Opening Deposit

To avoid the imposition of Monthly Maintenance Fee (Service Charge):

A Monthly Maintenance Fee (Service Charge) of $5.00 will be imposed every month unless you complete one of the activities below within a statement cycle: 

  • Maintain a $500.00 minimum daily balance (your account’s qualifying minimum daily balance is the day with the lowest end-of-day ledger balance within a statement cycle), or
  • Direct Deposit(s) totaling $750.00 or more, posted and cleared each statement cycle, or
  • Mobile Deposit(s) totaling $750.00 or more, posted and cleared each statement cycle, or
  • At least fifteen (15) qualifying point-of-sale (POS) transactions using a debit card linked to your account (posted and cleared each statement cycle). “Qualifying point-of-sale (POS) transactions” means debit card POS transactions in which an account owner(s) use(s) a debit card to obtain goods or services.

Optional Services

  • Check images on Periodic Statements - $2.00 per statement cycle
  • Paper Statement - $5.00 per statement cycle

Note: Easy access online e-statements are available via Online Banking at no additional charge. Front and back images of processed checks can also be viewed in the Online Banking transaction detail for no additional charge.

Rate Information

This is a non-interest bearing account.

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Current CD Rate Specials*

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