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Trico Card Manager - Filter & View Transactions

Filter & View Transactions

Transaction information is imported into Trico Card Manager daily. If there is no activity in the most recent billing, the table may be blank. The filter function enables you to display only transactions meeting the criteria that you select.

  • Navigate to Transactions and click the Filters button.

Arrows pointing at Transactions and Filters


  • Apply Filters as desired.
  • Click Apply to view your search results.
  • To save the filter for future use, click on Save As to name the filter. This filter will be available on the drop-down menu under Saved Filters.

Arrow pointing at Save As

Transaction Detail

  • To view a transaction in further detail, select the applicable transaction box.

Transaction box highlighted

Select the Arrow Down icon on Transaction Details.

Expand the transaction details menu

  • The following detail will be displayed.

Reveals additional transaction details

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