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Service with Solutions.

Everyone has stories. Ours are about customers who face unique opportunities or challenges, and the bankers who strive to find creative, innovative solutions even where other banks find only problems. But enough telling. Let us show you how we find solutions. 

Dream home

The Journey Home

See how we went the extra mile to help a couple find their dream home.

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Brewery equipment manufacturing building and equipment

Refreshing Solutions

See how we came up with a well-crafted plan to increase productivity.

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Order form and pipes illustration 

Red, White and Steel

See how we came up with a laser-focused solution.

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Modern two-story home illustration 

New Beginnings

See how we got a family back on their feet after the wildfires.

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Refurbished building illustration

Neighborhood Revival

See how we created a commercial loan to help revitalize a neighborhood.

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House illustration

Monthly Crunch

See how we fixed a tight squeeze with a home loan refinancing solution.

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Business building illustration

Pumped Up

See how we pumped up a business with a new business line of credit.

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Map and motorhome illustration 

Lifelong Memories

See how we proposed a home equity line of credit to create lifelong memories.

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Colorful Solution

See how we created a home loan that was a financial masterpiece.

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Building Futures

See how we found the perfect investment home with service from the ground up.

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Music to My Ears

See how we helped our client refinance his home mortgage, lower his monthly payments and free up immediate funds.

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Worthy Cause

Learn how we helped a nonprofit save thousands of dollars a month.

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World Class

See how we closed a home equity line of credit from across the globe.

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Commercial Real Estate Financing from Tri Counties Bank story

Space Available

Read how we helped a property owner save a bundle of cash.

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Home Equity line of credit from Tri Counties Bank story

Blue Skies

Learn how we helped homeowners save money for more home improvements.

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Harvest Time

Discover how we helped our client with his vacation dream home while still planning for his retirement.

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Sky High

See how we created an innovative business financing plan that helped our client take his company sky high.

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Bright Futures

Discover how we helped wrap up an overseas business deal in a flash.

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Smooth Ride

See how we created flexible payment options for a customer's truck loan.

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