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A security lock and shieldYour Shield Against Identity Theft:
Complimentary Credit Score and Monitoring

November  8, 2023
published in Security

In today's digital age, the importance of regularly monitoring your credit score and credit report cannot be overstated. A proactive approach, including receiving notifications when there are changes to your credit report, can help you detect unauthorized changes and act promptly to minimize potential damage.

Monitor your credit report effortlessly within Tri Counties Bank’s Mobile and Online Banking. Enroll with no additional charge by logging into Mobile or Online Banking, navigate to "Services" and click "My Credit Score".

Once enrolled, click "Show Full Report" on the homepage to review your credit report, confirm your open accounts or loans, and stay informed with alerts.


Credit Monitoring Alerts

To help you keep an eye out for identity theft, you can also opt to receive email alerts when there are any big changes detected, such as:

  • A new account opened
  • Change in address or employment
  • A reported delinquency
  • A credit report inquiry has been made

What are the red flags to watch out for?

Maintain your good financial standing by checking your credit report frequently and watching out for these red flags:

  • Incorrect personal information (name, date of birth, address, etc.)
  • Unfamiliar accounts or loans
  • Inaccurate payment history
  • Collections for unrecognized accounts
  • Unexpected “hard” inquiries, such as applications for new credit accounts
  • Sudden and unexpected drops in credit score
  • Errors in public records


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