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A security lock and shield3 Tips to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

July 31, 2023
published in Security

How to Reduce your Risk of Identity Theft

  1. Keep your personal information safe.
    • Never disclose any personal information such as debit card numbers and expiration dates, bank account numbers, access codes, dates of birth, or social security numbers, through email, text messages, or unsolicited phone calls.
    • Shred sensitive documents including receipts, bank statements and unused credit card offers.
    • Store sensitive documents, such as your Social Security card, in a safe place.
  2. Ensure device security.
    • Update your devices with the latest security patches and software.
    • Shield your home Wi-Fi with a robust password and encrypt your network by updating your router settings to WPA3 or WPA2.
  3. Be wary of phishing attempts.
    • Exercise caution while clicking on links in emails or text messages, especially if they appear suspicious, demand immediate action, or request you to update or confirm sensitive personal information.
    • Tri Counties Bank will never text, email or call you asking for personal information.
    • Tri Counties Bank does send emails such as personalized offers, customer experience surveys and service announcements. If you receive an email or text message from Tri Counties Bank that you believe is suspicious, please contact us immediately at 1-800-922-8742 or forward it to

Look out for these warning signs of identity theft:

  • Unauthorized charges on your bank account or unrecognized accounts on your credit report
  • Unexpected calls or letters from debt collectors about debts you don’t owe
  • Missing bills and bank statements from your mailbox
  • Unexpected bills or invoices for services you never received
  • Trouble filing your taxes because the IRS claims your return has already been filed

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If you suspect any sign of identity theft, report it to the Federal Trade Commission at and reach out to us immediately at 1-800-922-8742 or contact your local branch.