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Secure Email Service

Tri Counties Bank Email Encryption

When used properly, the Tri Counties Bank Secure Email Service delivers secure, business-related emails to the Bank.

How do I use Tri Counties Bank Secure Email Encryption?

Instructions on how to retrieve an encrypted message will be included in any secure email you receive from Tri Counties Bank. First time users will be asked to complete a registration process and further assistance is available by accessing the “Help” information link that is included with each secure email.

What is encryption?

Encryption is a way in which Tri Counties Bank can protect confidential, proprietary, and sensitive information by transferring it using a coded, unreadable format. Encrypted email can be transformed back into readable form only by the intended message recipient.

Put simply, Tri Counties Bank “locks” a message by authorizing only the recipient with the correct key to “unlock” and view it.

Why use email encryption?

Protecting the privacy and security of employee, client, and business partner information is of the utmost importance to the Bank. In keeping with this on-going commitment, Tri Counties Bank ensures that confidential, proprietary and/or sensitive information, including personally identifiable information (e.g., social security numbers and credit card numbers) are delivered using encryption technology. This enables us to protect this type of information and minimize the risk of potential unauthorized viewing or malicious intervention.

How will the use of encryption technology impact my email?

Secure email recipients should not experience any interruptions in communications with Tri Counties Bank due to the use of encryption technology, and no special software or downloads will be required to receive secure email.

Secure Email: Acceptable Use Policy

The purpose of the Acceptable Use Policy is to ensure that Tri Counties Bank’s Secure Email Service is used in an appropriate manner for delivering secure, business-related emails to the Bank. In order to use the Service, you must read, understand and agree to abide by this Policy.