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Real-Time Alerts to help you stay on top of your finances

Choose from dozens of account activity alerts and receive notifications via text, email, or even push notifications to your mobile phone.

Get Alerts That Actually Matter

With Tri Counties Bank's Alerts, you know the moment something important happens on your accounts. It’s easy and it's free* to personal Mobile and Online Banking users.


Choose your alerts.

Choose from dozens of account activity alerts and receive notifications via text, email, or even push notifications to your mobile phone.


Dollar Sign

Account Balance

Instantly know when your account balance gets above or below a threshold.

Shield with a lock on it


Get alerts when your password, phone number, or address changes.

Arrows pointed right and left


Receive an alert every time you get a deposit, or when a check or debit card transaction clears.


Delivered the way you want.

Messages are sent instantly using any of the delivery channels you choose:

A talk bubble


Receive alerts via text messages on your mobile phone or wearable devices.

The At-sign


Receive email messages about your account activity.

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Mobile Banking App

Receive push notifications from your smartphone. You can activate these alerts right from our Mobile Banking App.

Download the App


Dozens of Secure Alerts to choose from:

Security Alerts

  • External transfer is authorized
  • A computer/browser is successfully registered
  • My password is changed
  • Secure Access Code contact information is changed
  • My User ID is changed
  • The process to add an external account is started
  • Forgot Password is attempted for my User ID
  • An invalid password for my User ID is submitted
  • The Forgot Password process is attempted unsuccessfully
  • My user id is disabled
  • My user id is locked out
  • A new user is created
  • My security alert preferences are changed
  • My user profile is updated
  • A valid password for my User ID is submitted
  • The User ID process is successfully completed
  • A valid Secure Access Code is submitted

Transaction Alerts

  • Check reorder is placed
  • External transfer occurred    
  • Funds transfer is occurred     
  • Stop payment is placed
  • ACH debit over threshold amount
  • Check cleared
  • Credit transaction posted
  • Debit transaction posted
  • Interest was paid
  • Transaction equal to threshold amount
  • Transaction over threshold amount
  • Withdrawal over threshold amount

Account Alerts

  • Debit card transaction over threshold amount
  • Number of ATM transactions for the day was exceeded
  • Account balance above threshold
  • Account balance below threshold
  • Account status changed
  • Charge back occurred
  • Check was returned
  • Debit Card Pre-Authorization hold added
  • Stop payment was placed

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I sign up to receive Alerts?

Log into Mobile or Online Banking and going to Settings > Alerts Settings. You can then select from the categories you wish to receive alerts on.

Is there a fee to receive alerts?

No. This is a free service from Tri Counties Bank. However, please note that text message and data fees may be charged by your service provider to receive text alerts.


*Message and data rates may apply.

To learn more about Alerts or if you need assistance:

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