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Information & Control

Reduce Your risk of Fraud and Improve Efficiency and Reporting

Positive Pay & ACH Positive Pay provide secure, powerful tools to help reduce your risk of check & ACH fraud while improving reporting.

Information and Control

Trico Treasury Center and the Trico Business mobile app give you 24-hour access to the information essential for sound decision-making and account management. Get access to comprehensive and powerful reporting, along with timely alerts and notifications, helping you manage your business's cash.

Positive Pay

Prevent Fraudulent ACH Transactions

Positive Pay is a web-based check verification service that helps businesses protect against check fraud. Payee Positive Pay provides the extra step of matching the clearing payee name to the payee name in your issue file.

ACH Positive Pay

Prevent Fraudulent ACH Transactions

Monitor and control ACH activities to help prevent unauthorized and potentially fraudulent electronic debit transactions from posting against your accounts.

You can establish ACH Filters that are used to identify what you want to be posted to your account. ACH transactions that don't match your filter specifications will be made available for you to review and make a pay-or-return decision.

Account Reconciliation

Improve Accounting and Reconciliation Accuracy

Simplify the monthly task of reconciling your business checking accounts with Account Reconciliation. Receive timely, accurate information in an electronic data file that can be uploaded to your accounting system, saving you the time and expense of manually sorting, matching, and keying entries.

Full Reconciliation

Receive an electronic file with all items posted to your account, including checks, deposits, and electronic transactions.

Partial Reconciliation

Receive an electronic file with all checks posted to your account.

Zero Balance Accounts

Optimizing the Use of Available Funds

With Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs), all of a company's funds are concentrated into an operating account. Disbursements are made from subsidiary accounts, which always maintain a zero balance. This approach allows a company to increase investment opportunities and reduces administrative time and expense.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Get Timely Information

For each ACH payment, you will automatically receive an electronic report with important ACH remittance information, eliminating delays and expenses.

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