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Smart Safe Services

Manual cash handling can be time consuming--especially when you're paying workers by the hour to count and re-count cash and then prepare and transport deposits. Of course, there are numerous opportunities for errors, loss and robbery. Today's Smart Safes can virtually eliminate manual cash handling, making your business less susceptible to cash losses and improving employee productivity and safety. When coupled with accelerated credit from Tri Counties Bank, your business' cash flow is also improved. 

Tri Counties Bank's Smart Safe Services allow you to:

  • Manage cash processes at the cashier and store level for fast, accurate balancing while ensuring security and accountability
  • Improve store productivity, eliminating deposit preparation and trips to the bank branch for deposit delivery
  • Capture data electronically, providing timely information to improve cash flow and inform funding decisions
  • Daily cash totals can be transmitted to Tri Counties Bank for posting to your account

How it works:

  • Cashiers insert bills of any denomination through the safe's currency acceptor, which validates the bill and rejects counterfeits
  • Complete the store's end-of-day process and reconcile to your point of sale system with reporting from the smart safe
  • Transmit the daily cash receipt data electronically to Tri Counties Bank for posting to your bank account
  • Based on contracted schedules, your armored carrier retrieves the physical cash for transport to Tri Counties Bank

Whether you're concerned about streamlining operations, automating cash-handling processes, enhancing safety and security, or improving visibility and cash flow, Tri Counties Bank's Smart Safe services provide a solution.

Put the experience and knowledge of the Tri Counties Bank Treasury Management Services team to work for you.
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