Improve payments reporting and reduce your risk of fraud.

Positive Pay provides secure, powerful tools to improve reporting and reduce your risk of check and ACH fraud. Upload issued check files online and your account is searched electronically to validate each check presented for payment. Matched checks are paid, while unmatched checks are flagged as exceptions. Incoming ACH debits are also flagged as exceptions. Positive Pay users can then decide to allow exception items to be paid or returned.

Available packages include:

  • Full Package: in addition to validation and reconciliation, receive additional fraud protection with Payee Match and addenda reporting.
  • Reconciliation: in addition to validating the authenticity of checks and ACH items presented, items are reconciled against your account.
  • No Reconciliation: upload your issued check file and validate the authenticity of checks or ACH items presented against your account. 
  • Reports Only: access to addenda reporting through various file formats.
Consult the Business Fee Schedule for associated service fees.

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