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Equipment Leasing

Competitive and Flexible Equipment Leasing Solutions

For many business owners, leasing makes good economic sense. Leasing typically requires no down payment, and a portion of equipment costs can be deferred to the end of the lease term. There are no pre-payment penalties, non-utilization fees or compensation balance requirements.

With leasing, you could:

  • Operate the equipment you need without incurring the risk of ownership or obsolescence.
  • Obtain potential tax benefits by expensing lease payments instead of depreciating assets.1
  • Improve cash flow by obtaining a competitive fixed rate lease payment.
  • Match equipment budgets to dollars available with pre-approved lease lines of credit.
  • Lease up to 100% of the cost of a project, including soft costs or non-recurring costs.
  • Reduce your balance sheet debt, improve financial ratios, and provide your company with an additional source of financing.
  • Minimize equipment operating costs; use equipment for only as long as it is productive and efficient.
  • Utilize a Sale-Leaseback to refinance equipment purchased at an earlier date. Use this cash infusion on higher return alternatives and improve overall business profitability.

Find out more about our Value-Added Leasing Approach.

What types of equipment can I lease? 

Put the experience and knowledge of the Tri Counties Bank business leasing team to work for you. 

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1Consult your tax advisor

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