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Cybersecurity Incident / Network Outage Update

We are providing an update on a recent ransomware cybersecurity incident. Tri Counties Bank recently detected and managed a cybersecurity incident. After detecting unusual activity in our network environment, we shut down our networked systems and immediately notified the authorities. We then brought the bank’s systems back online in a careful and methodical process with attention to the security of customer data and accounts. At this time, all Tri Counties Bank customer services are operating normally.

Although we took immediate action upon discovering the cybersecurity incident, we are aware that an unauthorized party has recently posted certain information that they allege they stole from our system.  It appears that sensitive customer data is involved. We are working with third party forensic specialists to continue to assess what data may have been impacted, and we will notify affected parties as soon as possible and as required.  

While this investigation is ongoing, it is important to note that Bank accounts are housed on a secure system which is separate from the network environment impacted during this incident. There is no evidence that your accounts were accessed or otherwise impacted. None of our customers' account balances have been affected. Protecting our customers and the security of our systems remains a top priority.

We always encourage customers to monitor for and report any suspicious activity observed on their accounts. Please refer to the security page on our website for further information on how to protect your account.

Your business is very important to us.  If you have any questions, please contact your local branch or relationship manager, or call us at 1-800-922-8742.