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Samantha Howard

Employee Highlight

Samantha Howard

Branch Manager, McKinleyville

When did you begin your career with Tri Counties Bank?
November 6, 2018

What was your first position?
Assistant Branch Manager, McKinleyville

List your key steps to your career success.

  • Strong work ethic
  • Willingness to work outside my comfort zone
  • Open honest lines of communication between myself and my leader as well as myself and my team
  • Desire to exceed any expectation laid before me

How did your leader support your career growth?
My Regional Manager was extremely supportive in my goal to become a Branch Manager. She helped me career path and coached me on what behaviors I should develop to become a strong Branch Manager candidate. In my first conversation with her, it was my goal to become a Branch Manager within five years. She helped me reach that goal far sooner in just one year.

Tell us about your current job.  
Currently I am the Branch Manager in McKinleyville. This position oversees the production and activities of the branch team through coaching, development, career pathing and ensuring WISE service standards are used every day with every interaction. Perhaps my favorite part of the position is working closely with customers to ensure their financial needs are being met through continual relationship building. In this position I am able to be involved in a variety of community organizations as a representative of Tri Counties Bank; these include Mad River Rotary, McKinleyville Chamber of Commerce, Wild Souls Ranch, Toys-for-Tots and McKinleyville Family Resource Center.

What do you like about working at Tri Counties Bank?
My favorite part about working for Tri Counties Bank is the communication and support that is provided from my direct leader, as well as the regular communications from executive and senior leadership. I truly feel that we as employees are valued at all levels. It is easy to work hard for an organization that works hard for me in return.

What advice about career growth would you give a fellow employee?
Comfort zones only get bigger when you are uncomfortable. Be willing to take advice and constructive criticism in order to grow as a professional and individual. Always strive to be better and to exceed expectations. Be humble.

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"Always strive to be better and to exceed expectations."