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Dustin Bilardello

Employee Highlight

Dustin Bilardello

Con/SB Underwriting Supervisor, Chico

When did you begin your career with Tri Counties Bank?
I was first hired at August 15th, 2016.

What was your first position?
I started at the Pillsbury Branch as a Senior Banker.

List your key steps to your career success.
Always be ready to learn and improve yourself. Gain the trust of your leaders and co-workers by anticipating needs and assisting with providing solutions.

How did your leader support your career growth?
I am challenged to improve; my suggestions and voice are always heard. My manager has always been very transparent with me. We have had continued conversations and spoke openly about my goals and progression within the department. This has allowed me to continue to gain confidence in my ability to succeed, this confidence allowed me to continue to grow my knowledge in our process, which resulted in added responsibilities and career growth.

Tell us about your current job. (at the time of writing) 
My current position is a Consumer Credit Underwriter II. I am responsible for the review and credit approval of our consumer loan applications: Home Equity Line of Credit, Auto Loans, and Unsecured Personal Loans. Additionally, I also handle the review and credit approval of Business Credit Cards, Small Business Auto and Small Business Unsecured/UCC Secured Line of Credit. I ensure the Bank's underwriting guidelines are followed, and while the guidelines do not change frequently, each application is unique which keeps the job interesting.

What do you like about working at Tri Counties Bank?
Speaking of our small department, we have become a tight-knit family. We are truly looking out for one another and assisting each other whenever we can, from lending an ear about our family life to picking up the pieces of an application while our team members are on vacation or sick. Tri Counties Bank has shown in my 5 years, especially through these trying times, that they care about the safety and wellbeing of every employee. My background is in the service industry where I often found it hard to feel valued for the work you put in, but Tri Counties Bank has shown time and time again that if you want to succeed, they will help you get there. You will have the tools needed and most importantly the support required to achieve your goal.

What advice about career growth would you give a fellow employee?
There is no task too small, never say "that is not in my job description" and don't fear failure.

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"Always be ready to learn and improve yourself."