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Smooth Ride

Pablo Martinez loved everything about his brand new truck except for one big thing: the large fixed monthly loan payment. Pablo really wanted more cash flow flexibility month to month, but his current dealer-issued truck loan steered him nowhere but to dead ends.

That’s when Tri Counties Call Center Banker Kay Armstrong shifted into high gear. Discovering Pablo’s dilemma during a call, Kay explained that he could pay off his new truck by using his existing Tri Counties Bank home equity line of credit. This change in direction would give him the flexibility and choices he wanted each month, allowing him to make smaller monthly payments on his line of credit when necessary, or larger payments when possible, even giving him the option of paying off the entire truck loan sooner than originally scheduled!

Thanks to Tri Counties Call Center Banker Kay Armstrong, Pablo now has his choice of routes to take. Now that’s a smooth ride. For personalized problem solving switch to Tri Counties Bank.


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