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Trico Card Manager - Inquiry

Inquiry (Excel Report Output)

The Online Reports feature gives the Program Administrator access to information about cardholder spend. Inquiry information contains average transaction value, the total dollar amount and number of transactions by Merchant Category Group (MCG), Merchant Category Code (MCC), merchant, and cardholder if available.

  • Select Inquiry to produce your online reports.

Trico Card Manager Dashboard


  • Select Inquiry from the dropdown menu for the following options:
    1. Cardholder Activity Inquiry
    2. Delinquent Cardholder Inquiry
    3. Merchant Spend Inquiry
    4. Card Spend Summary Inquiry
    5. Card Without Spend Inquiry
    6. MCC Merchant Inquiry
    7. MCG Merchant Inquiry
  • Each option provides further filters to narrow results.
  • Click Output to generate your Inquiry as a report in Excel format.


Trico Card Manager Dashboard 2

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