$10,000 Identity Theft Insurance with Fraud Assistance - This benefit addresses concern for the fastest-growing crime in America: identity theft. Program members receive financial compensation for qualified expenses incurred in the recovery of a stolen identity (such as lost wages, legal fees, certified mail and long distance charges). Also included in this benefit is Fraud Assistance, a comprehensive service designed to help with the hassle of clearing one’s good name.
Fraud Assist ToolboxTM – Stop identity theft before it happens. Fraud Assist Toolbox sets fraud alerts on members’ credit files with all three bureaus to ensure thieves and fraudsters cannot open new lines of credit in their name. Fraud Assist Toolbox’s patent-pending technology enables financial institutions to communicate instantly and securely via phone with account holders to 100% ensure that a credit authorization transaction is legitimate.
Card PatrolSM – Guarding your account holders’ identity. Your valued account holders are provided with real-time, online monitoring of exposed debit/credit card numbers to help prevent fraudulent charges before they occur. Program members can register up to 10 cards per account holder and receive an instant e-notification of suspicious activity associated with those registered card numbers. Card Patrol is powered by CardCops, a leading expert in the field of early warning identity theft detection.
Payment Card Protection – Members may register credit, ATM and check cards to receive 24-hour protection for reporting theft or loss. By making one telephone call to our toll free emergency number; their credit, debit and ATM card companies will be notified immediately. Special fraud liability protection covers fraud liability for which the member may be held responsible. Emergency cash and airline tickets for travelers are also included in the service (some restrictions may apply).
Credit Alert - A daily, one-bureau Credit Monitoring Service that notifies members whenever an inquiry is made into their credit history or certain negative information is added to their Credit Report. If there are no changes to the members’ credit file they receive a quarterly ‘No Activity’ notice.
Triple-Bureau Credit Reports - Receive up-to-date credit reports and credit scores from all three major credit reporting agencies — Experian, Equifax and TransUnion — in one consolidated report. Combined, your credit report and credit score provide a valuable picture of your overall credit standing and help you to identify critical errors in your personal financial data.
Companion Airfare – Program members can bring along a friend on their next trip when they purchase a regular-priced, coach-class, round-trip ticket.
My GetAway – Members can enjoy three days and two nights of hotel accommodations at one of more than 20 vacation destinations!
Cash Rewards – Savings made simple. With Cash Rewards, your account holders can register their credit/debit cards on our secure site and enjoy cash back on purchases made online. Cash Rewards offers an online shopping network with access to over 150 of the nation’s best online retailers. Program members can save up to 20% for online purchases made with their registered card. The savings discount is converted to cash back on the program member’s monthly credit/debit card statement.