Visa® Check Cards

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Easy money.

Your Tri Counties Bank Visa Check card lets you pay the hassle-free way.

Use it instead of a check. Everywhere Visa logo is displayed.

The next time you go shopping, leave your checkbook at home! When it's time to pay, simply present your Visa Check Card (or card number, if you're ordering by phone). The amount is automatically deducted from your Tri Counties Bank Checking Account, just as if you had written a check. It is not a credit card. It's not borrowing of any kind and there are no annual or monthly fees.1

It works like a check, only faster.

Using your Tri Counties Bank Visa Check Card is hassle free. There's no checkbook to carry. No check to write. No waiting for check approval. Of course, you always get a receipt for easy record-keeping. And every purchase on your monthly checking account statement will be detailed with the amount and location.

It's still an ATM card, but better.

You can use your Visa Check Card to get cash, make deposits, or transfer between accounts at any Tri Counties Bank ATM. And you get to choose the time to do your banking, day or night. Whenever it's most convenient for you. There's no service charge for using your Tri Counties Bank Check Card at any Tri Counties Bank ATM location.

You can also use your card to get cash at thousands of ATMs nationwide and around the world.1 Just look for the Cirrus, Star or Visa symbol. Plus, you can still use your card to make purchases wherever ATM cards are accepted -- look for the Interlink, Star or Visa symbol.

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Easier, faster, and a lot more convenient!

Why carry cash when you can carry a Tri Counties Bank Visa Check Card? It's safer and more convenient than carrying cash. It's accepted at more places, for more purchases than any other card in the world.2 And it does more -- just think of it as your ATM card and your checkbook all rolled into one.

Try it today.

Our Visa Check Card is made for your busy lifestyle. Eliminate the hassles of check writing by requesting your Visa Check Card today. It's easy. It's better. Just ask!

Verified by Visa.

Verified By Visa Logo

Verified by Visa is a new way to add safety when you buy online at participating online stores. Protect your existing Tri Counties Bank Visa Check Card by creating a personal password that's as unique as you are. Verified by Visa helps ensure that only you can use your Visa card to buy online. Register today! It takes just a few minutes to activate.

(1) ATM fees may apply.  Please see our Service Fees Schedule and Deposit Agreement & Disclosure for additional fees and charges that may apply to your account. (2) If you are traveling outside of the USA and plan to use your card for purchases, contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-922-8742.  This will alert us to place a memo on your card to indicate your travel dates.

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