Business Checking Accounts

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The right financial tools make business easier.

Pay for the things your business needs.

Select the checking account that complements your unique business. No matter what size your company is, we’ve got a checking account designed for you. And with a free business debit card, accessing your money is quick and easy.

Business Checking Accounts
Analysis Business Checking Designed for businesses with high account activity, special servicing and cash handling.
Business Interest Analysis Checking The right choice for businesses with high activity levels and high average balances that prefer to earn interest on account balances to offset fees.
Premium Business Checking For businesses with moderate account activity and balances, requiring cash handling needs.
Business Interest Checking A rewarding account for sole proprietors and non-profit organizations.
Basic Business Checking Perfect for businesses with lower account balances and low account activity.
Public Funds Interest Checking An interest bearing account available only to public or government entities.
Public Funds Checking A non-interest bearing account available only to public or government entities.
Non-Profit Business Checking An account available only to non-profit, not-for-profit and charitable organizations.
State Bar Legal Services Checking IOLTA accounts are available to licensed Attorneys.