Behind on your Mortgage Payments?

If you are unable to afford your mortgage payments and wish to avoid foreclosure, the options available to you depend largely on the type of loan you have, the condition and value of your property, and whether your loan has been sold or is held by the Bank. Those options may include a refinance or new financing depending on your circumstances, the value and condition of your property, your current income, whether to consider a sale of your property, and sometimes other factors. In some cases  we'll consider a loan "workout" or modification if it makes economic sense for both of us.  You will need to contact us at the number below to explore whether any of these options might be possible for you. Each loan must be reviewed individually to determine the best option for you.

If you decide to contact us to explore options to foreclosure, we will need you to provide us with current financial information, including a statement  of your current monthly income and expenses,  a list of balances owed to other creditors (e.g., credit cards), balance and payment information on any other loans secured by your home, your most recent tax return, including paystubs and information regarding the condition of your property along with any other property information you may wish to provide us that will help us determine the value of your property.

To obtain further information or discuss your loan with a mortgage loan specialist, please contact the Special Assets Department of Tri Counties Bank by calling 1-800-922-8742, or 530-898-0300.

You may contact HUD to locate a HUD-certified housing counseling agency in your area by calling the HUD automated system at 1-800-569-4287 or by viewing the HUD website at:”

Call Us

Call 1-800-922-8742 to discuss your options. Please be prepared to review your financial information including income, current creditor balances, other loans, tax returns and the condition of your property.